Bemer Treatment for Cancer

Bemer Treatment for Cancer

Bemer technology is a form of alternative cancer treatment used to increase blood flow in patients. This alternative method offers a better quality of life to cancer patients by improving the oxygen function throughout the body and providing essential nutrients to cells that are important for blood circulation. The hope with Bemer treatment is to promote healing in vital tissues and organs for people fighting a cancerous disease. Read on to learn more about how bemer therapy works.

How Bemer Therapy Works

Bemer is an abbreviation for bio-electromagnetic energy regulation. Bemer therapy uses a low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic pattern to increase circulation in small blood vessels throughout the body (microcirculation). This increase in functional blood flow allows for a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue, which may have a variety of applications, particularly involving pain and recovery related to sports injuries, training, and rehabilitation.

Bemer therapy may also act as a noninvasive cancer treatment. Studies have found that electromagnetic treatments like Bemer therapy inhibited cancer cell proliferation and induced cancer cell death, ultimately reducing tumor growth. Studies also suggest that Bemer treatment may cause sensitivity in cancer cells that are exposed to radiation therapy.

How Bemer Therapy is Administered

Bemer treatment is administered via a mat that you lie down on. The mat emits an electromagnetic field that is less intense than an MRI scan. For effects on health and well-being, Bemer therapy should be administered two to three times per day for eight minutes, although there have been significant effects in those administered up to twice a day for five days per week. Bemer therapy can be used along with other types of cancer treatment for increased circulation. As more studies are essential to understand the most optimal length of time, frequency of treatment, and intensity levels, your specific usage plan may vary based on your health needs.